2016 Diabetes Webinars Series 2

Taking Charge with Type 1 Diabetes

Were you or your child recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? Registered nurse and diabetes educator, Julie Halipchuk, discusses ways to successfully manage diabetes.

Kids with Diabetes & Understanding Their Rights in School

Having trouble getting school board support for the needs of your child with type 1 diabetes? Michelle Warren helps you discover ways to improve communication with your school.

Type 1 Diabetes & Transitioning into Adulthood

Lauren Linklater shares tips on how to manage type 1 diabetes as you transition into adulthood and move away from home.

Diabetes Burnout: What it is & How to Beat it

Is diabetes getting you down? You’re not alone. Registered clinical counsellor Crystal Johnson teaches you how to work through diabetes burnout and where to access support.

Find Out What’s New with Diabetes Technology & Devices

Need a better understanding of type 1 diabetes devices? Registered dietician and certified diabetes educator Tracy Frem discusses new devices and technology to help you manage your diabetes well.

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