2015 Diabetes Webinars Series 3

Diabetes & the Mediterranean Diet: Is It Right for You?

Join Dr. Catherine Chan, professor in Human Nutrition and Physiology to learn about the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, why it’s a healthy way to eat, and how it can be adapted in Canada. Recipes will also be provided.

Living with Diabetes: Getting & Giving Support

Diabetes is a community affair. Those living with diabetes need support from those around them, and supporters need to know how best to help their loved one with diabetes. Certified diabetes educator and clinical nurse specialist Gail MacNeill provides tips on asking for and giving support to create lasting relationships.

Tax Tips & Diabetes: All You Need to Know

People living with diabetes often face high out-of-pocket costs related to managing their disease. Get valuable tax tips to help you prepare for income tax season and to maximize your medical expense tax credits and deductions, and get an overview of the Disability Tax Credit with chartered professional accountant Diana Provenzano.

Strength in Numbers: Building Your Diabetes Team

Want to know what you can do to live well with diabetes? Find out what you can do to improve your clinical outcomes and get tools to help you take charge of your diabetes with pharmacist Susie Jin.

Exercise Tips that Help You & Your Diabetes

Learn practical information about the benefits of physical activity and diabetes management! Exercise physiologist Dr. Jonathon Fowles talks about how physical activity affects blood sugar, strategies to increase motivation and ways to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle.

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