2015 Diabetes Webinars Series 2

Carbohydrate Counting – Ready, Set, Go!

Interested in a different approach for meal planning to help manage your blood sugar levels? Learn all about carbohydrate (carb) counting, its advantages, and what you should discuss with your health-care team presented by nutritionist Meaghan Elger.

Don’t Let Diabetes Get You Down

Feeling burdened or anxious, or struggling to find the motivation to manage your diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to psychological distress. Join Dr. Michael Vallis in this webinar to get tips for overcoming these challenges so you can truly live well with diabetes.

Stand Up for Your Diabetes Rights

There are many ways you can become a diabetes advocate. Shawn Shepheard reviews how easy and fun it is to get started and hear about success stories from across the country.

Diabetes Medications – What You Need to Know

Are the new SGLT2 agents for you? What about those non-insulin injections? When is insulin the best choice for you? Find out everything you need to know about diabetes medications with certified diabetes educator Elaine Cooke.

Making Diabetes Complications Not So Complicated

Join Dr. Jeremy Gilbert to learn about some of the common complications of diabetes and how to prevent them from developing.

Keep diabetes research moving forward

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