2015 Diabetes Webinars Series 1

All About Diabetes

Recently diagnosed with diabetes? Have questions about managing your diabetes? Join registered nurse Lori Berard in this introductory webinar to find out who should be on your health-care team.

ABCDES of Diabetes

People with diabetes are at very high risk of heart disease and stroke. Learn about the ABCDEs of protecting your heart (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, drugs, exercise, smoking and stress) and living a healthy life with Dr. Peter Lin.

Working the Glycemic Index into Meal Planning

Did you know the glycemic index is a valuable tool to measure the impact of carbohydrate foods on blood sugar levels? Watch this webinar by Andrea Glenn to learn more about the glycemic index and meal planning.

Why We Should Exercise

In this engaging webinar, Dr. Jonathon Little and Sara Hodson provide scientific evidence supporting the benefits of physical activity, the reasons why exercise is beneficial for those living with diabetes, and demonstrate how to set goals that work for you.

Small Steps Leads to Big Results

The trick to making permanent lifestyle changes is setting S.M.A.R.T goals. In this webinar, Claude Vautour, a Live Well! Bien Vivre! health coach teaches you how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals that will get you on your way to wellness.

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