The Travelling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP) is a public education program designed to promote the health of Albertans and support people living with diabetes.

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Northern and Southern Alberta Phone: 780-423-5722 ext. 1206

Through the Travelling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP), Diabetes Canada travels to rural and remote areas to connect with people living with diabetes, communities at high risk, and health professionals, to ensure that they have access to useful resources and community networks.

Over its history, the TDRP has visited hundreds of communities and groups including senior societies, Aboriginal wellness programs, rural clinics, pharmacies, and schools.

What kinds of activities does the TDRP offer?

The TDRP offers:

  • Educational sessions on diabetes, including prevention, self-management, and other specialized subjects.
  • Professional outreach that helps support rural medical professionals.
  • Small diabetes expos delivered in cooperation with local groups.
  • School presentations for all levels (i.e. from elementary to high school).
  • Information displays at health fairs, trade shows, health centres, shopping malls, and pharmacies.
  • Access to Diabetes Canada cookbooks and other resources.

The TDRP exists because of the generous support of our sponsors. 

The TDRP is supported partially by Multiple District C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness Committee through the Lions of Alberta and NWT.

Diabetes Canada also thanks Cenovus and the Lions Club for their generous support of the TDRP.


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