Share experiences, discuss challenges and learn coping strategies, learn new information along with people who understand and can relate to what you are experiencing!

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First Wednesday of each month from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm

The purpose is to meet in a relaxed environment with people who understand and can relate to what you are experiencing.  Share experiences, discuss challenges, learn coping strategies and discover new information to help you manage!

Medical related questions will be answered in French or English by: Suzie Pilon, B.Sc. Phm., CGP, CDE

As a certified diabetes educator & pharmacist, Suzie empowers clients by helping them better understand their condition, and encouraging them to make use of professional resources such as the community diabetes clinic, so that the combination of lifestyle choices and drug therapy work cohesively to help prevent long-term complications.

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Upcoming Topics:
February 24th: Is Sugar to Blame
March 2: Ignite Your Motivation
March 8: Pulses: A New Superfood?
March 15: Taking a Step Forward: Preventing & Managing Foot Problems
March 23: Diabetes, Sexual Health & You


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