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  • In Manitoba, it’s estimated the number of people living with diabetes is 121,000. This means 28.1 per cent of the population are living with diabetes or prediabetes, including many living with the disease but undiagnosed.
  • The serious and costly complications of diabetes are responsible for more than 80 per cent of diabetes health-care costs. If diabetes goes undiagnosed or is poorly managed, and blood sugar levels remain elevated, this will gradually damage organs until they fail entirely.
  • Diabetes must be diagnosed early and managed well in order to delay or prevent the serious complications. Access to diabetes medications, health-care providers, devices and supplies is critical for individuals to manage their disease.

Make health a priority in your organization by providing benefits to employees. The company will profit from lower drug plan costs, decreased absenteeism, injury reduction, improved efficiency, reduced turnover and incentivized recruitment. 

Improve workplace health by partnering with Diabetes Canada. We offer a variety of Workplace Wellness services. These include:

Health Displays: Hosted by our knowledgeable volunteers/staff, we will provide educational handouts, resources, and answers to diabetes-related questions.  Consider contacting us when planning your next employee health fair.

Online Webinar Series: Hosted by health-care professionals, diabetes educators and people living well with diabetes. They provide tips on important topics of diabetes management. Employees can log-in from the comfort of their office or in a group setting such as a lunch and learn or evening session. Or contact us to have someone from the Diabetes Canada assist in hosting a webinar and Q&A at your organization.

Diabetes CanRisk Assessment: This is a quick questionnaire for employees to find out if they are at higher risk of having prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. By knowing their risk, it can encourage employees to make better lifestyle choices that will reduce their risk or even prevent them from developing type 2 diabetes.

Let's Talk Diabetes Presentations (approx. one hour each):
These presentations are designed to help employees understand diabetes, reduce their risk, and live well with diabetes. These one-hour presentations can fit into a regular workday as a lunch and learn.

Diabetes Expert Presentations (Presented by health-care professionals): Learn about a specific topic related to diabetes management and ask questions to a diabetes expert. Topics may include: nutrition, physical activity, blood sugar management, mental health, medications, and foot care.

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