Diabetes Canada is actively reaching out to youth and young adults, aged 14-29 affected by diabetes.

We are looking for ambassadors that can assist in educating people in various community groups, organizations, and educational institutions by speaking about their experiences living with diabetes. Ambassadors lead and support programs like D-camps and Kids in Your School.

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Responsibilities (youth can choose areas):

  • Attend all mandatory training
  • Follow all Diabetes Canada policies
  • Speak about experience living with diabetes
  • D-camps
    • Assist in planning and delivery of children’s activities
    • Provide an interactive and friendly atmosphere 
  • Education
    • Accompany staff to educate school staff  about the needs of children living with diabetes in school
  • Advocacy
    • Accompany staff to speak about the need to improve programs and services for those living with diabetes

Support/Training available:

  • Orientation to the Diabetes Canada
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Advocacy

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