Nominees for this award provide outstanding examples of collaboration within Diabetes Canada and/or the diabetes community.  These nominees recognize the benefits that come from accessing the expertise of individuals, local businesses, government, non-profits or charities – be it human, financial, or physical resources. Through the synergy that comes with collaboration, the nominees have facilitated increased capacity, efficiency, and innovation in the service they provide to the diabetes community.


  • The nominee should demonstrate outstanding collaboration in a project or work that relates to the strategic direction of Diabetes Canada.
  • At least one collaborative partner must be from Diabetes Canada.


The award may be given to a group or an individual.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be called from Areas, Regional Leadership Centres, Professional Sections and the National Office. National nominees may be Regional Award winners. It is the responsibility of the Regions to submit the nominees to the National level.

Approval Process

The decision to grant awards is subject to the discretion of the National Awards Committee. The committee reserves the right not to grant certain awards in any given year if suitable nominees or recipients are not identified.

Number Awarded

One per year

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