This award honours volunteers, either individuals or groups, who have gone above and beyond in supporting the work of Diabetes Canada. This would include either one of the following:

  • outstanding dedication (over a minimum period of 10 years) where an individual’s long-term dedication and exemplary commitment and reliability has made Diabetes Canada a vital and responsive organization for people living with or affected by diabetes; OR
  • outstanding achievement where an individual or group whose outstanding accomplishments have made an impact in greatly advancing Diabetes Canada towards its mission.


  • Must demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution towards the fulfillment of Diabetes Canada’s mission; OR
  • Their outstanding dedication will be demonstrated by having volunteered for a minimum of 10 years.

Group / Individual

Awarded to a group or to an individual

Nomination Process

Nominations will be called from Areas, Regional Leadership Centres, Branches, Professional Sections and the National Office. National nominees may be Regional winners. It is the responsibility of the Regions to submit the nominees to the National level. ALL NOMINATIONS FOR NATIONAL AWARDS SUBMITTED BY THE REGIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE APPROPRIATE AREA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Approval Process

The decision to grant awards is subject to the discretion of the National Awards Committee. The committee reserves the right not to grant certain awards in any given year if suitable nominees or recipients are not identified.

Number awarded

Maximum of 10 awards per year at the National level unless exceptional circumstances prevail. Please note that if a recipient is a team or group, they would each receive an award, but the group would be accounted for as “one” within the possible ten available awards. Note that distributing 10 awards is not a requirement. The number of awards distributed can be anywhere between 1 and 10, depending on the quantity and quality of the nominees.

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