Harry Flint

Name: Harry Flint

Hometown: Calgary, AB

“29 Team Diabetes events: A first-ballot Hall of Famer”

By: Michael Jacoby

Since his inaugural Team Diabetes run in Reykjavik over a decade ago, Harry Flint has laced up for 29 events, the most of any Team Diabetes participant. Truly, Harry has established himself as a leader in the fight against diabetes.

Harry embodies what it means to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but this wasn’t always the case.

“Team Diabetes saved my life,” he says.

A “born again” long-distance runner, Harry says he felt compelled to shed some of his bad habits following his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

As with all Diabetes Canada supporters, Harry has volunteered his time and energy to make a meaningful difference in the diabetes community in Canada.

Despite being soft-spoken, Harry's passion and enthusiasm for Team Diabetes is always evident, especially when he dawns his unique running attire. Often draped in the Canadian flag, Harry is frequently decorated with badges of honour chronicling his running achievements. He has even been known to stuff his pockets with Team Diabetes brochures so he can distribute them wherever he runs.

For Harry, Team Diabetes represents much more than just an exercise-fundraising program. It’s a community he’s closely connected with, and an extension of his family.

One of Harry's most memorable moments came when his biggest supporter, his 90-year-old father, accompanied him to the London Marathon in 2010. That time together is especially cherished by Harry, as his father passed away just two years later.

Recently, Harry surprised Diabetes Canada's national office by donating a piece of artwork he personally commissioned. The art, which depicted running shoes, a Team Diabetes vest, the medal from his first event in Reykjavik and the Canadian flag, was inscribed with the words “where are you going next?”, a rallying call Harry is well-known for. 

In addition, Harry was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award  in early 2015. The award recognizes individuals who have made a significant, sustained, unpaid contribution to their community in Canada or abroad.

Flint is a Team D participant who inspires those around him, and Team Diabetes is proud to call Harry Flint a friend and leader.

You can make a difference by joining Team Diabetes – to learn more or register for an event in your area visit teamdiabetes.ca.

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