Bonnie Woloschuk

Name: Bonnie Woloschuk

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

“Heart and soul: 17 Team Diabetes events and counting!”

By: Michael Jacoby

Bonnie Woloschuk is a research nurse and diabetes educator whose love for running developed when she worked in anti-doping at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics. This experience planted the seed that she might want to run marathons. A year later, she did just that.

Bonnie brings an impressive set of professional skills and experience to Team Diabetes, but she offers much more than that. She brings a great sense of care and purpose to everything she does, along with an unrelenting desire to lace up and raise as much awareness and funding as possible.

Like many Canadians, Bonnie and her family are impacted by the reality of diabetes. Her mother, Mary, passed away in 2010 after a long battle with diabetes and related ailments. Whenever Bonnie hits the pavement or climbs to the tops of mountains with Team Diabetes, she does so in memory of the woman she likes to call her hero, and whose guiding light is never far away.

To say that Bonnie enjoys a good challenge is an understatement. She is not going to stop until the record books are shattered and a cure is found. Through her decade with Team Diabetes, Bonnie has travelled over seven hundred kilometres in races. And that’s nothing compared to the training runs, fundraising hours, or time spent bound for international destinations.

Bonnie credits Team Diabetes with providing her with a chance to build an extended family and connect with a community of difference-makers. To her, nothing is more exciting than recruiting new participants or leveraging that next donation. ”If you do something for yourself it’s short-lived,” Bonnie says, “but if you do for others it becomes a legacy.”

It is hard to imagine where Team Diabetes would be today if not for participants like Bonnie and the inspired group of friends whom she has engaged in the cause. Bonnie embodies the city of Edmonton’s reputation as, “The City of Champions.”

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