Choose the cause that you care about!

It’s easy. Here are some ways you can support Diabetes Canada through your workplace.

Payroll deduction

Consider contributing to Diabetes Canada through a payroll deduction. It’s an easy and convenient way for employees to give and make a lasting difference in the fight against diabetes. Many organizations will match their employee’s personal contributions to show support of the cause.

Matching gifts

In order to encourage charitable giving, some companies will match your donation to Diabetes Canada — which can double or even triple your contribution.

Find out if your company will match your gift below.

If your company has a matching gift program and it isn’t listed here, please contact Veronika Novoselova. Contact details are below.

Workplace campaigns

Many companies and organizations get involved in the United Way, Health Partners or other workplace campaigns. Donate to Diabetes Canada as your charity of choice.

Workplace events

Often companies are looking for a reason to contribute to a good cause. Suggest a workplace event, such as casual Fridays, a bake sale or a walk and get all of your colleagues involved. It’s a fun and easy way to support Diabetes Canada while involving your fellow employees in the cause. As a tool to assist in your workplace efforts, we encourage you to use My Diabetes Fundraiser our online event support platform.

Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes is the national activity fundraising program for Diabetes Canada. It offers an integrated employee engagement opportunity that focuses on wellness, health initiatives that promote diabetes awareness, and the benefits of active living.

Walk, run, hike or cycle, and raise awareness and funds for Diabetes Canada through Choose from any of our exciting local and international events.

No matter how you get involved at work, you are helping us advance our journey to a future without diabetes.

For more information, please contact: 

Veronika Novoselova, Coordinator, Corporate Development

Phone: 416-408-7072


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