In an election campaign, the most visible participant is always the party leader and, on a local level, the candidate. However, there are many important people doing the essential “behind the scenes” work that often separates a successful campaign from the others.

Most campaigns include the following key team members:

  • Candidate
  • Campaign manager
  • Candidate’s official agent
  • Fundraiser
  • Canvass chair
  • Election day & GOTV organizer
  • Campaign volunteers

Here’s a rundown of how each player contributes to a campaign:

The Candidate has won a local nomination meeting and the support of his or her party members. The candidate then addresses key issues and attempts to persuade local voters that she or he (and the party) deserves voters’ support to become elected to government. Everything the candidate does is geared towards achieving this goal.

Campaign Manager
The Campaign Manager is selected by the candidate and is responsible for all aspects of a campaign’s organization. Election laws make the campaign manager, along with the official agent, legally responsible for campaign finances and donations. The Campaign Manager is also responsible for assembling and motivating the campaign team, allowing the candidate to concentrate on getting elected.

Candidate’s Official Agent
There are limits on how much each candidate can financially spend on the election campaign. The candidate’s official agent is responsible for ensuring that campaign spending is within the limits prescribed by law.

All campaigns have designated individuals acting as fundraisers to raise necessary funds to support the campaign.

Canvass Chair
Canvassing Chairs identify potential support and are key to every campaign. Different methods such as knocking on doors or telephone canvassing, require the mobilization of volunteers who are directed to key areas of the riding in order to identify voter intention.

Election Day & GOTV organizer
Getting Out the Vote takes a well-designed Election Day strategy. Ensuring all your supporters get to the polls takes a coordinated, well-executed plan. While the plan is usually already launched when an election is called, it is fine-tuned as voting day approaches.

Campaign Volunteers at Large
A campaign cannot function without a team of dedicated individuals who take responsibility for organizing various events and activities. Many well-qualified candidates have lost elections because they don’t have enough volunteers to support all the activities needed to win.

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