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Understanding Diabetes

Every 3 minutes a person in Canada is diagnosed with diabetes. Despite this, many people don’t know much about diabetes. There are a lot of misinformation and myths about this complex condition.

Want to know more about diabetes, how it can affect your body and how to manage it? Watch our three-part series.
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What is diabetes and what causes it?
In addition to these basics, we’ll also talk about the types of diabetes (including their similarities and differences), and share the facts about what can increase your risk and what doesn’t cause diabetes.

Diabetes signs, symptoms and complications
What are some of the warning signs and symptoms? How can high blood sugar affect your body over time? Find out here.

Diabetes management
Get the scoop on what can affect your blood sugar and what you can do to live well with diabetes.

Additional resources

Eleven million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Chances are, diabetes affects you or someone you know. Get the facts about the condition, from the different types to what can increase your risk. Visit What is diabetes? to learn more.

You can develop type 1 as a child, teenager or an adult. Want management information and actionable tips to help you thrive whether you've been diagnosed recently or have lived with T1D for years? Check out our How 2 Type 1 video series.

Live with type 2 and want answers to your questions about diabetes management, including nutrition, physical activity, and dealing with a new diagnosis? Sign up for our free virtual diabetes education program