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Privacy policy

This privacy policy is based upon the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Model Code and reflects the requirements of applicable legislation.

Diabetes Canada has one privacy policy that applies specifically to five categories of individuals:

  • Members 
  • Donors 
  • Clients 
  • Employees 
  • Volunteers

While the privacy policy applies specifically to the five categories of individuals above, it also applies wherever Diabetes Canada collects any personal information about an individual where the personal information is subject to the privacy policy or subject to applicable legislation (some personal information—for example, business contact information—is not subject to federal or provincial legislation).

Definition of “personal information”

Personal information is any information about a specific, identifiable individual, including such commonly available details as name, address, and telephone number.

Despite the fact that some personal information is widely available (e.g. through telephone directories or public database), this does not, in any way, lessen the responsibility to apply the Code’s principles to its collection, use and disclosure. The CSA Code incorporates the principles that every element of personal information should only be used for purposes that are defined and explained in advance to the individual, and that use or disclosure for any other purposes requires further knowledge and consent (CSA Privacy Code).

Diabetes Canada Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. When you visit our web site, contact us, participate in one of our programs, become a member, or make a donation to support our activities, we are committed to protecting your privacy rights and your personal information.

In order to do so, Diabetes Canada has adopted the 10 Privacy Principles contained within the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information, which is a national standard of Canada. We have also taken steps to become compliant with applicable laws in Canada that protect personal information.

Our 10 Privacy Principles

  1. Our responsibility to protect your personal information
    Diabetes Canada is responsible for the protection of your personal information collected through its national, regional, and branch offices, or program activities. This responsibility extends when personal information is transferred to or collected by third parties on our behalf.
  2. Our obligation to identify the purposes for collecting personal information
    Before we collect any personal information from you, we will identify the purpose for the collection. A statement of purposes will be communicated wherever possible.
  3. The requirement for knowledge and consent
    We will only collect personal information with your knowledge and consent, except in limited situations as permitted by law. This may be with your express consent (for example, where you voluntarily provide information on a form for purposes you clearly understand and agree to) or by declining an opportunity to opt-out of our collection or use of your personal information. Opt-out consent will be used only for non-sensitive information where we believe that the privacy impacts are low and you will be provided with sufficient notice of your right to opt-out of such uses. Further, you can withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information at any time, subject to any legal requirements and reasonable notice(1).
    1. A decision to withhold some personal information may influence the ability of Diabetes Canada or its affiliates to provide you with services.
  4. Limiting information collection
    We only collect personal information relevant to the purposes that have been identified. We collect information fairly and lawfully, and directly from individuals wherever possible(1)(2).You have the right to provide as much, or as little personal information as you choose to share.
    1. If you provide information about a family medical history, this information will be considered as your information only, and not personal information of other family members.
    2. Fundraising lists may be obtained from third parties.
  5. Limiting use, disclosure and retention of your information
    We only use or disclose your personal information for the purposes we have identified to you.
  6. Our responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your personal information
    Other than fundraising lists, virtually all of the personal information that we collect comes directly from individuals themselves, for example on our membership application forms. We generally assume this information to be accurate and complete, unless we are informed otherwise.
  7. Our responsibility to safeguard your personal information
    Diabetes Canada uses appropriate safeguards to protect all personal information in its custody and control.
  8. Our obligation to be open about our privacy policy and practices
    We are open about our policies and procedures. We make reasonable efforts to inform individuals about our policies and procedures, the purposes for which we collect, use or disclose personal information, and how to access your personal information.
  9. Your right to access your personal information
    Upon request, we will inform you if we hold any personal information about you and provide you with access to this information. If we have any personal information about you, we will also tell you for what purposes it is used or disclosed. (With donor consent and stringent controls we share donor contact information, only with other charities with similar aims and objectives. These sharing arrangements help Diabetes Canada increase its fundraising through an expanded donor base.)

    You have a right to update any personal information that we hold on you. Should you wish to see the full contents of an information file, you must make a formal written request and mail it to:

    Privacy Officer
    Diabetes Canada
    1300-522 University Avenue
    Toronto, ON M5G 2R5

  10. Your right to challenge our compliance with our privacy policy
    If, for any reason, you are concerned about our compliance with our privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at the address listed above.