• The best dressing is made with bread one or two days old. Stuff turkey (or chicken) just before you roast it. This recipe makes enough to stuff a 6-lb (3 kg) chicken; double the recipe for a 12-lb (6 kg) turkey.
  • If you have bread crumbs in the freezer, approximately 4 cups (1 L) fresh crumbs is the equivalent of 6 slices of bread.
Makes 6 servings
Cooking time: n/a



  • 6  slices bread (180 g), crusts included (See Tip) 6
  • 2 tbsp  soft margarine or butter  25 mL
  • 1 cup  chopped mushrooms  250 mL
  • ½ cup  each chopped celery and onion  125 mL
  • ¼ cup  chopped fresh parsley  50 mL
  • 1 tsp  dried tarragon  5 mL
  • ½ tsp  paprika  2 mL
  • Pinch  ground nutmeg and freshly ground pepper  Pinch 


  1. Prep: 20 minutes, Cook: 5 minutes for vegetables
  2. Prepare bread crumbs in food processor or by hand. In non-stick skillet, melt margarine over medium-high heat; cook mushrooms, celery, onion and parsley for 5 minutes or until vegetables are softened. Cool. Stir in tarragon, paprika, nutmeg and pepper. Stir into bread crumbs.

To Stuff and Roast Poultry

  1. Rinse and dry the cavity; stuff loosely with prepared dressing. Close opening by trussing with a large needle and string, or insert skewers and criss-cross the string. Cross legs and tie with string so legs are close to body. Turn wings back, tuck under bird and secure with skewers or string.
  2. Place on rack in uncovered roasting pan, breast side up; insert meat thermometer in thigh. Roast in 325º F (160º C) oven until thermometer reaches 185º F (85º C) or juices run clear. If breast starts to brown too much, cover with foil.

Roasting Chart
Since cooking times are approximate, using a meat thermometer is the most accurate way to gauge doneness. Roast until internal temperature of poultry reaches 180º F (85º C). A general rule of thumb when roasting is to allow 18 to 20 minutes per pound (500 g) for both turkey and chicken.

Whole Turkey - Total Cooking Time in Hours
10 lb (4.5 kg)  3 to 3½
15 lb (6.75 kg)  4 to 4½
20 lb (9 kg)  about 6

Whole Chicken
6 lb (3 kg)  2¼ to 2¾ 


Canada’s Choice per Serving: 1 Carbohydrate, 1 Fat

Yield: 6 Servings, 4 cups (1 L)

Recipe reprinted with permission from Canada’s 250 Essential Diabetes Recipes, Sharon Zeiler, Robert Rose Inc., 2011,

Nutritional Information

Per Serving
2/3 cup (150 mL)
Calories 114
Total fat 5 g
Saturated fat 1 g
Sodium 187 mg
Carbohydrates 15 g
Fiber 1 g
Protein 3 g

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