Read what some of our supporters have to say about the Diabetes Charter for Canada.

“The Government of Canada is pleased to be working with the Canadian Diabetes Association and promotes collaboration across all sectors to address the risk factors that lead to diabetes, by promoting things like healthy eating, and physical activity.” - Honourable Rona Ambrose, Federal Minister of Health

“The charter sets out our shared responsibility, agreement and commitment to diabetes prevention, self-management, support and care. It reflects common principles and practices and includes rights and responsibilities that apply to managing any chronic disease. Things such as timely diagnosis, emotional and mental health support, supportive workplaces, accessible care, education and medications…I make choices every day about how I live, work, and learn to be healthier. One of those choices was signing the Diabetes Charter for Canada.” - Honourable Leo Glavine, Minister of Health, Wellness and Seniors (click here to read the full Op Ed)

“Diabetes is one of the most significant health issues that we face as a society. The Diabetes Charter for Canada will serve to remind us all of the importance of supporting people with diabetes to better manage their disease. It gives people with diabetes a voice that must be heard when managing their individual care. I congratulate the Canadian Diabetes Association for their leadership toward making the Charter a reality.” - Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“I am pleased to say the Government of New Brunswick is already working on responsibilities outlined in [the] diabetes charter. Our government takes the growing challenge of diabetes very seriously and we have invested $5.6 million in our Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy to focus on prevention, detection and management. I congratulate the Canadian Diabetes Association for the creation of its Diabetes Charter for Canada. As always, you do an excellent job to help people living with diabetes and are a strong advocate for them both provincially and nationally. “ - Ted Flemming, New Brunswick Minister of Health

"As a Canadian with Type 2 Diabetes, I want to thank the Canadian Diabetes Association for the creation and development of the Diabetes Charter for Canada. The Charter provides the framework to empower those with diabetes to make a difference in their lives as well as those around them. The Charter provides understanding, compassion and a call to action for all of Canadian society to engage in the accommodation and eradication of this disease." - Mike Wallace, Member of Parliament for Burlington

"I am pleased to support people with diabetes and the Canadian Diabetes Association on the launch the Diabetes Charter for Canada, on World Health Day. The Diabetes Charter will be an important document driving societal change for those living with diabetes.  By empowering individuals with diabetes through the rights and responsibilities outlined in the Charter, we can raise awareness and reduce stigma about this very serious chronic disease." - Christine Elliot, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition, Critic for Health and MPP for Whitby-Oshawa

“Congratulations on the launch of the Diabetes Charter for Canada. The Canadian Diabetes Association plays in invaluable role in the prevention, management and search for a cure to diabetes. The work of the Association and your dedicated volunteers make our province a better and healthier place. The Charter is a vivid proof of this great work!”‎ - France Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt

“The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is pleased to support the Diabetes Charter for Canada and we look forward to working with the Canadian Diabetes Association to help ensure all Canadians living with diabetes have timely and equitable access to high-quality care and supports. The number of seniors living in Canada is rising rapidly, as is the number of seniors living with diabetes so it is critical that all governments come together to devise a seniors care strategy, one that helps ensure good care for Canadians living with chronic conditions such as diabetes.” - Dr. Chris Simpson, President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation congratulates the Canadian Diabetes Association for the launch of its Diabetes Charter. This represents an important step towards enhancing the health of those living with diabetes. Individuals with diabetes far too often suffer from heart disease and stroke.” - Bobbe Wood, President, Heart and Stroke Foundation

“Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney disease and, as such, The Kidney Foundation of Canada is supportive of initiatives like the Diabetes Charter for Canada, which has the potential to improve equitable access to diabetes support and care. In doing so, the Charter will also help Canadians to protect their kidney health as well.” - Nadine Valk, National Director, Programs & Public Policy, Kidney Foundation of Canada

“Like diabetes, people with lung disease frequently experience stigma and misunderstanding about their disease. We are pleased to endorse any initiative that defends the rights of patients to equitable access to care and support." - Debra Lynkowski, President and CEO, Canadian Lung Association

“Dietitians of Canada (DC) is pleased to support the Diabetes Charter for Canada. The Diabetes Charter is all encompassing because the responsibilities of all individuals, agencies, governments and associations involved are considered and defined. As health professionals, dietitians work closely with individuals and families who live with diabetes, providing education, guidance and support for dietary management, to enhance health and quality of life. As Canada's professional association representing over 6000 dietitians, Dietitians of Canada commends the Canadian Diabetes Association for its vision and guiding principles, to ensure people with diabetes are treated with dignity and respect and advocating for equitable access to high quality diabetes care and supports.” - Janice Macdonald, MEd, RD, FDC, Director, Communications, Dietitians of Canada

"The Diabetes Charter for Canada represents a strong step forward in Canada by defining roles and responsibilities of the diabetes community, including governments, non-governmental organizations, health care providers and people with diabetes, to reduce the burden of disease.  If all take on their responsibility, people with diabetes will live healthier happier and longer lives." - Norm Campbell MD FRCPC, HSFC CIHR Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control, and Professor of Medicine, Community Health Sciences and Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Calgary

“OPHEA congratulates the Canadian Diabetes Association in their development of the Diabetes Charter of Canada. Healthy, active living is a key component to both managing Type 1 diabetes and preventing Type 2 diabetes and the Charter is a great step forward to ensuring that all kids with diabetes find a safe and inclusive environment at school." - Chris Markham, Executive Director and CEO, OPHEA

“The new Diabetes Charter for Canada is a positive step forward for diabetes patients, and all patients with a chronic disease in Canada.  This precedent setting initiative will be a powerful patient advocacy tool and serves as a model for societal change in the Canadian healthcare system.” - Robert Oliphant, President and CEO, Asthma Society of Canada

"The National Aboriginal Diabetes Association participated in the development and review of the Diabetes Charter.  This Diabetes Charter presents a common vision for diabetes prevention and management, support and care.  We all know that diabetes for Aboriginal populations is growing at an alarming rate, greater than for the general Canadian population. This document will help raise awareness of the burden of diabetes for people who live with the disease and help to attenuate the rise in diabetes prevalence in Canada. NADA supports this document and feels that it will support our First Nations and Inuit peoples across Canada." - Leon Simard,  Board of Directors, National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

"On behalf of the Canadian Association of Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Canada, we would like to congratulate the Canadian Diabetes Association on the launch of the Diabetes Charter of Canada. We also applaud your continued efforts to empower people living with Diabetes. The Charter highlights the importance of timely and equitable access, to knowledgeable, high quality care of Diabetes foot complications, one of the major causes of lower limb amputations.  This will certainly be an important step as a community working together to prevent avoidable complications in the management of this disease." - Mariam Botros CDE, D.Ch, IIWCC, Wound Care Fellowship at the University of Toronto, Director of Diabetic Foot Canada, Co-editor of Diabetic Foot Canada Journal, Co-director of the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course, and Chiropodist at the Women's College Wound Healing Clinic

"The Ontario Podiatric Medical Association congratulates the CDA on the release of the Diabetes Charter. Podiatrists play an integral role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetic conditions of the foot. Most clinical protocols for the treatment of diabetes include podiatrists as a member of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. The OPMA and its members are committed to collaborating with the CDA and with other health professionals to provide the very best in diagnosis, prevention and treatment to people with diabetes." - Bruce Ramsden, DPM, President of The Ontario Podiatric Medical Association

“Creating Synergy Health Coalition of Alberta believes that all individuals living with diabetes and other chronic illnesses should have equitable access to quality care and supports. The Coalition congratulates the Canadian Diabetes Association in taking positive steps and launching the Diabetes Charter for Canada to help ensure that the lives of patients with diabetes are enhanced by all stakeholders.” - Creating Synergy Health Coalition of Alberta

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