What financial assistance programs for people with diabetes are available in my province?

For more information on government and community financial assistance programs available in your province, please click on the appropriate Financial Assistance Resource below.

Do people with diabetes qualify for any disability benefits?

There is no standard definition of “disability” in Canada; each federal, provincial/territorial government program and private insurer may interpret “disability” differently and set their own rules for eligibility. For most programs, eligibility is based not on which disease or disability you have, but on how the disease/disability affects your ability to work, participate in society, etc. 

Do people with diabetes qualify for CPP disability?

CPP disability benefit is a monthly amount available to Canadians (under 65 years of age) who have become unable to work because of a disability. You must have paid into the Canada Pension Plan while you were working, in order to qualify.

To be eligible for CPP, your disability must be “severe” and “prolonged”. CPP defines a “severe” disability as one that prevents you from doing your former job, or any other job, on a regular basis. So having diabetes alone normally will not qualify you for CPP disability; however if you are experiencing certain diabetes-related complications that have affected your ability to work, you may qualify. Eligibility is determined by CPP medical adjudicators based on information submitted in your application and supporting documentation.

Do you have any other questions?

Please send them to advocacy@diabetes.ca.

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