Your health can play a role in everything you do, from driving to doing shiftwork to traveling. Diabetes Canada has put together some general tips for staying healthy and living well with diabetes.

  • You can do many things to stay well when living with diabetes. Learn about the things to discuss with your doctor and health-care team to ensure you get the best care.
  • For people living with diabetes, keeping track of their diabetes information and questions can be challenging. Here are some tools to help you get ready for your appointment.
  • Different tests are important at different times for basic diabetes care. Depending on your age and health, the timing and types of tests taken can vary.
  • Diabetes may affect driving performance due to chronic complications, which may impair sensory or motor function. Stay safe and take an active role in assessing your ability to drive.
  • People who manage their diabetes with lifestyle or pills may be eligible to donate blood, depending on their overall health and other criteria.
  • Caring for an elderly parent, relative or close family friend often involves managing one or more age-related health problems, including diabetes.
  • Today, managing diabetes on the job is much easier and more effective, thanks to new insulin analogues. Learn more about the greater flexibility and control that you have.
  • Knowing what to expect at the hospital and being prepared with up-to-date information about your medical history will help you feel less anxious and get the best care.
  • Planning ahead is the key to a successful trip, and a little forethought when traveling with diabetes will take you a long way and help keep you healthy once you are there.
  • Here are some tips to help you avoid discomfort associated with repeated fingertip testing for blood glucose (sugar) levels.

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