Many people have questions about insulin. Your diabetes care team and Diabetes Canada want to support you to manage your diabetes and live a healthy life. As part of this, we asked people living with diabetes on insulin and health-care providers to answer some common questions for adults injecting insulin.

  1. Does taking insulin mean I didn’t manage my diabetes properly? (type 2 only)
  2. I’m afraid to inject myself. Will it hurt?
  3. I have high sugars, but feel fine. Why do I need insulin? (type 2 only)
  4. How am I supposed to find the time to check my blood sugar every day and do the injections?
  5. Does insulin cause complications?
  6. What will happen if I give myself too much insulin?
  7. How do I treat a low blood sugar?
  8. Is it safe to drive when on insulin?
  9. How do I use insulin in public?
  10. Will I gain weight taking insulin?
  11. Where should I store insulin?
  12. What does it mean to take more insulin than someone else?

If you would like to learn more or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to talk to someone on your diabetes care team. You can also call Diabetes Canada at 1-800-BANTING (226-8464) or email us by clicking here.

These videos were created with the help of Diabetes Canada, St. Michael’s Hospital, health-care providers from across Canada, and people living with diabetes who currently use insulin.

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