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You can help Canada’s researchers End Diabetes

Give hope to millions of Canadians today.

We can’t wait another 100 years to End Diabetes.

100 years ago, Canadians discovered insulin.

Now more Canadians have diabetes than ever before. Diabetes or prediabetes affects 1 in 3 of us.

Diabetes is one of Canada’s most successful diseases. Even with help from insulin, diabetes doesn’t stop. It can cause blindness, heart disease, amputation or kidney failure.

scientists in a labDiabetes was successful at changing Deb’s life forever.

Deb spent decades diligently monitoring her health after being diagnosed with diabetes as a young woman. But even with help from insulin, her life is forever altered by eye, kidney, brain and limb complications. She’s needed more than a dozen surgeries. And every day is a battle to cope.

scientists in a labYou can help STOP diabetes complications.

Researchers like Dr. Mike Sapieha have discovered new ways to prevent diabetic retinopathy – the leading cause of blindness in Canada, but he needs your help.

More than ever, we’ve got to End Diabetes for Canadians like Deb – and STOP the complications that are devastating the lives of our loved ones.

Join thousands of Canadians who support ground-breaking research to End Diabetes by making your gift today.


#LetsEndDiabetes NOW!

Help fund researchers working to stop complications and End Diabetes with your special gift today.