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Type 1 diabetes can change a child’s life

But so can Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps

Diabetes Canada D-Camps supports kids with type 1 diabetes


Meet Martin, who was diagnosed with type 1 at 11 years old after a family vacation. Juggling diabetes on top of schoolwork, sports and life can take its toll, and Martin and his family are grateful for the incredible experiences he’s had at Diabetes Canada's D-Camps.

Type 1 diabetes can make some kids feel isolated and alone.

A type 1 diabetes (T1D) diagnosis brings with it a whole new set of skills to learn, including testing blood sugar (glucose) levels, priming needles for injection, and counting the daily intake of carbs. For many children and youth, there is no one else in their school or community who has type 1, and it can be challenging to accept their new reality.

scientists in a labD-Camps help kids like Martin feel supported and at home.

Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps are run by a dedicated team, including counsellors who live with type 1 and healthcare professionals, in communities across Canada. D-Camps offer 24/7 medical support and provide empowering education that changes lives. They provide kids and youth (from seven to 17 years old) with a fun summer camp experience, and the opportunity to connect and create a community with others who truly understand them.

How do D-Camps help kids?

  • They gain a new level of confidence and independence in managing their type 1 diabetes.
  • They feel connected and empowered to continue the healthy practices they’ve learned.
  • They make new lifelong friends who know what it’s like to live with T1D.

 The IMPACT of D-Camps

      100% of D-Campers built self-esteem that will help them live better with type 1 diabetes.

      100% of staff feel they made a positive impact on campers.

         97% of seasonal program staff live with T1D (as of 2023). 

   people holding hands icon    92% of D-Campers said they developed meaningful friendships at camp. 

   campfire icon   91% of counsellors are former D-Campers.

 *Based on the 2023 D-Camps Stewardship Report

"D-Camps is so important to kids like me because it’s a chance to be in nature, feel independent for the first time, and meet other kids. I learned so many new skills. They even made cleaning up fun"

D-Camper Martin

“Connecting with old friends and making new ones, swapping diabetes and non-diabetes experiences with kids who live with the same challenges is like recharging the diabetes batteries and finding the strength to keep going.”

D-Camps parent

“I always thought I was alone with diabetes but then I went to D-Camps and I felt so loved and I felt like I was in awesome company there. Every time I have to leave, I’m so sad and can’t wait to come back! Then it starts again, and I make more and more friends. Once you’ve been there for a while, you all feel like a big diabetic family!”

D-Camper Layla

“You go for fun. You go for friends and connections. But what you gain is so much more.”

D-Camper, camp counsellor and Dose of D-Camps instructor Diwan

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