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Diabetes 360° Strategy

Canada needs a nation-wide diabetes strategy now

Since 2013, Canada has been without a strategy for diabetes or targets to help address the epidemic. Something must be done urgently or the diabetes epidemic will cost millions of lives and bankrupt our health-care system.

[Diabetes 360°] is a solution and strategy that our federal government can support that will work to improve screening and earlier diagnosis[...] and prevent situations such as mine.

Dustin Thorsten, diabetes advocate, Winnipeg, Manitoba

In 2018 Diabetes Canada convened more than 115 individuals representing nearly 100 stakeholder organizations to build a new strategy for diabetes in Canada -  Diabetes 360° can deliver results in just seven years by focusing on the following key targets:

  1. 90% of Canadians live in an environment that preserves wellness and prevents the development of diabetes
  2. 90% of Canadians are aware of their diabetes status
  3. 90% of Canadians living with diabetes are engaged in appropriate interventions to prevent diabetes and its complications
  4. 90% of Canadians engaged in interventions are achieving improved health outcomes.

Diabetes 360˚ can be implemented by a task force that bring metrics, best practices and continuous improvement expertise through partnership with the provinces, territories and municipalities to address key needs for people with or at risk of diabetes. That task force would need 7 years to do this work, at a total cost of $150 million.

An investment of $150 million will save $20 billion in prevention alone with:

  • 770,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes
  • 245,000 fewer hospitalizations for diabetes
  • 34,000 fewer lower limb amputations

Since the release of our report, Diabetes Canada has actively engaged with the broader diabetes community and all levels of government to secure funding. 

We hope that this new strategy is implemented before we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, in 2021.

Download an English or French printable copy of the petition to help us raise awareness and signatures - bring it to your workplace, family BBQs, and summer picnics.

Please check out our advocate webinar for more information on how to get involved and our supporting documents below.

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I call on all political parties to commit to launching a nation-wide diabetes strategy to prevent one million cases of diabetes and avoid hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations for diabetes-related conditions in the next ten years.

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