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100 Years of Insulin

2021 marks the anniversary of this life-changing discovery

We can’t wait another 100 years to End Diabetes.

100 years ago, Canadians discovered insulin.

The discovery of insulin changed lives, but 100 years later more Canadians have diabetes than ever before. Insulin is not enough. It’s the starting line, not the finish line for diabetes.

Did you know?

Facts like these are the driving force behind our “We Can’t Wait Another 100 Years” campaign, which commemorates the discovery of insulin but also addresses the urgency about diabetes.

We believe that with your help, we can End Diabetes in Canada.

We can all play a role in ending diabetes

The 100-year anniversary of the discovery of insulin is almost over, but it’s not too late to take action. Since the discovery of insulin, management of diabetes has improved—but insulin is not a cure, and we can’t wait another 100 years.

We can all play a role in ending diabetes. Whether it’s raising awareness, having your A1C tested, knowing your risk, or supporting life-saving research towards a cure—every action, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

The time for action is now.

Let’s End Diabetes by taking action now:

We can't wait another 100 years to End Diabetes.

You can make a life-saving impact this holiday season and get us closer to a cure.