a view of the banting house garden

Join the movement. Write yourself into the story of insulin. 

Thanks to Dr. Frederick Banting, insulin has been saving lives for almost 100 years. 

You can build upon the work of Dr. Banting by purchasing a personalized, commemorative brick to be placed at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada, which: 

  • pays tribute to a friend or family member

  • preserves a legacy

  • acknowledges an anniversary of diagnosis

  • memorializes a loved one

Whether you know someone with diabetes, are personally affected or simply want to advocate for your community's well-being, this opportunity is one that you will not want to miss out on! 

Personalized Bricks - Individual 9x6 $500 Throughout the Global Garden
Personalized Bricks - Individual 9x9 $1,000 Throughout the Global Garden
Personalized Bricks - Club 9x9 $1,000 Throughout the Global Garden
Bronze - Corporate 12x8 $5,000 Steps to upper garden

West wall cap

South wall cap

Ramp wall cap
Silver - Corporate 12x8 $10,000 Steps behind the Flame of Hope

Statue lower base

Front step/entrance wall cap

Ramp wall cap - beside the Flame of Hope
Gold - Corporate 12x8 $20,000

Flame of Hope

Statue base upper

Statue middle

Personal messaging

  • A name of a loved one

  • A heartfelt message of support of your choice

    • 9x6: 4 lines, 16 characters per line, 64 characters total

    • 9x9: 7 lines, 16 characters per line, 112 characters total

Club messaging

  • Service name club

  • The phrase "In Solidarity" 

Corporate messaging

  • Your company name

  • A message of your choice from a preauthorized list:

    • Supporter of the Movement to End Diabetes

    • Together We Will End Diabetes

    • In Solidarity

Keep diabetes research moving forward

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