People with diabetes face many issues that have serious and long-term effects on their physical, emotional and financial quality of life.

Diabetes Canada works to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure. It encourages a healthy lifestyle as the best method of prevention, and represents the interests of those with diabetes to government, business, and the public.

An effective diabetes health-care plan requires a multi-faceted approach that attacks barriers of cost, access and education/information with equal force. The following position statements offer a starting point for effective action.

Section A: Diabetes Medication, Supplies and Medical Devices

Easing the Burdens of Access and Cost

People with diabetes experience heavy medical and financial burdens. To ease these burdens, to ensure an optimal quality of life, and to possibly prevent or delay costly and devastating complications, people with diabetes deserve equal and affordable access to the best possible medication, supplies and medical devices, regardless of where they live in Canada. 

Section B: Diabetes Education and Health Services

Ensuring Access to the Best Possible Care

Managing diabetes is a time-consuming process. People with diabetes must make decisions about the management of their disease on a daily basis. To make informed choices about their health, they need accurate and up-to-date health information and education.

Section C: Diabetes and Discrimination

Respecting Individual Rights and Privileges

While diabetes has the potential to be disabling, it affects people in very different ways, and can usually be well managed with diet, exercise, and/or medication. People with diabetes have the right to be assessed on an individual basis to determine their fitness for work, insurance, driving, and participation in school, sports, or other activities.

Section D: Diabetes and Canadian Public Policy

Encouraging Government Accountability

The Government of Canada should focus on building a society that will ensure an optimum quality of life for all Canadians, including those living with a chronic disease such as diabetes.

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