The Diabetes Canada Advocacy Council (DCAC) is a national level committee comprised of leadership volunteers from across Canada, who share a passion for advocacy and a vision for a country where people with diabetes live to their full potential, while we work to find a cure. The DCAC are the ambassadors of the Diabetes Charter for Canada. 

DCAC members play a lead role in advocating on behalf of the 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes, by actively supporting and promoting Diabetes Canada's Chrter, position statements, federal and regional advocacy priorities, initiatives and policy recommendations to the government, the general public, and the media. They also serve as Diabetes Canada representatitves in the community and play a central role in: 

  • Building a national grassroots advocacy movement to End Diabtes;
  • Fostering stronger links with politicians, decision makers, and opinion leaders to enhance Diabetes Canada's influence in the political sphere;
  • Identifying opportunities for strategic partnerships at the local level to help further Diabetes Canada's mission and advocacy priorities; and 
  • Raising awareness of diabetes in their local communities.

Many DCAC members also serve as lead advocates in their home province, and are involved in advocacy at both the federal and provincial levels. 

DCAC Membership 2018: Ellen Stensholt (Chair & BC rep), Mike Swartz (Vice-Chair & Board of Directors rep), Dr. Carol Huant (Professional Section rep), Emily Johnson (AB), Stacey Livitski (ON), Bob Lydiate (SK), Liz MacArthur (PEI) and Kathy Younker (Professional Section rep). 

To contact the DCAC, send an email to

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