Diabetes Canada is a national charity and membership association founded in 1953 by Dr. Charles Best, co-discoverer of insulin. We are supported by a community-based network of volunteers, members, employees, health-care professionals, researchers and partners.

The National Advocacy Council

Diabetes Canada Advocacy Council

The Diabetes Canada Advocacy Council is a national leadership body of volunteers who support Diabetes Canada.

Main reception at the Diabetes Canada National Office

Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team guides the strategic leadership of Diabetes Canada - they are committed to lead.

Sara & Sophie need your help.

Sara has lived with diabetes since she was ten and in 2016, her worst nightmare came true: her daughter Sophie was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant endless needles, blood sugar checks and constant worry. More than anything, Sara wants to End Diabetes so that Sophie can live to see a cure.

Alone, we won’t accomplish much. But together, we could give Sophie and millions of others a cure.

Your support today can help fund a cure and END DIABETES NOW.


Keep diabetes research moving forward

Your donation will ensure research never stops – help End Diabetes Now.