Position statement

Educational institutions, professional associations, and employers engaged in the initial training and ongoing education of health professionals should ensure the provision of comprehensive and current programs of diabetes prevention, information and care.

Where possible, such programs should be delivered by knowledgeable individuals and include representation from all members of the Diabetes Health Care Team, as well as people living with diabetes.

Background and rationale

Diabetes is one of the most complex diseases to manage and treat. It is not one disease; there are different types requiring varied management strategies. Also, diabetes can affect an individual person differently at different times. It can lead to a wide range of complications requiring specialized treatment. Many health-care professionals often receive a “bare minimum” of diabetes training in their curriculum, possibly due to this very complexity.

Diabetes management and treatment also must recognize the person with diabetes as a pivotal member of the health-care team, more so than other diseases. This can be a challenge for a health-care professional with minimal diabetes-specific training, one which could be addressed through better and ongoing training and education.

(Note: This statement was previously entitled "CDA's Position on Health Professionals")

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