Position statement

People with diabetes have a right to timely, affordable and ongoing diabetes education and comprehensive treatment services provided with seamless coordination by a Diabetes Health Care Team and other specialists as specified in Diabetes Canada’s current Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada and Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada.

Upon diagnosis, physicians should refer patients with diabetes to a diabetes education program, with waiting periods not to exceed those specified in Diabetes Canada’s current Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada.

Background and rationale

Diabetes is one disease where a modest up-front investment can result in significant future savings to the health-care system. Although continuing education is vital to understanding and managing diabetes, long waiting lists often mean that many people with diabetes never receive appropriate education about diabetes and self-care. Although diabetes management requires a sustained commitment on the part of the individual with diabetes and timely, effective and coordinated care on the part of the providers, the benefits can be great, as effective management can delay or even prevent the onset of complications.

(Note: This statement was previously entitled "CDA's Position on Access to Health Services.") 

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