Project name

Does body image influence insulin misuse among women with disordered eating and type 1 diabetes?

Institutions involved

University of Guelph

Investgators involved

Dr. Judy Sheeshka, Dr. Janet Madill, Robyn Tyo

Funding source

University of Guelph, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Inclusion criteria

University of Guelph

Brief abstract of project and relevance

A trend of girls and women with disordered eating behaviours exhibiting higher frequency of insulin misuse for the purpose of weight control has been identified. Insulin misuse (or under-dosing, omission, etc.), though, results in higher blood glucose (sugar) levels and increases the risk of developing diabetes related complications. It is important to identify the motivations behind these dangerous insulin misuse behaviours in an attempt to prevent or minimize these risks for women in the future. For this reason, I will be doing qualitative research for the duration of my studies.

I will conduct one-on-one interviews with women who have type 1 diabetes who misuse their insulin as a weight control strategy. My goal is to understand the experience of restricting insulin for weight control purposes and the decision-making process behind this behaviour. Further, I would like to understand how body image influences a woman’s decision to jeopardize her health in this way.

Rationale for posting

for recruitment

Ethical approval


Project start date

September 2012

Project end date

February 2013

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