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Research Brief

  • Meditation medication

    Meditation medication

    Research Brief

    In his work, Dr. Howard Nathan looks at how our minds and bodies connect, helping people with diabetes cope with chronic pain.

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  • Diabetes & School 101: What you need to know

    Diabetes & school 101: what you need to know


    The beginning of school should be exciting. But diabetes can make it feel more stressful. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to get your child (and yourself) ready. (Photo by: Gary Beechey, BDS Studios)

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  • Distressed by diabetes?

    Distressed by diabetes?


    Do you sometimes get tired of having to be so on top of your diabetes care? You're not alone. (Photo by: Jason Zwicker)

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  • Feet First

    Feet first


    Learn how to take care of them and keep them healthy.

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  • Memories of the Caribbean

    Memories of the Caribbean

    Nutrition Matters

    Whether you want to find a healthier update to a favourite dish or to savour your last vacation through a flavourful dish, we have something for you.

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On the Shelf

Fit Tip

Know Your Rights

  • Diabetes costs

    Diabetes costs

    Know Your Rights

    Government financial assistance programs may provide you or your loved ones with much-needed support. (Photo by: Ronnie Pulis, Capturing a Moment Photography)

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