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  • What do life and diabetes care have in common?

    What do life and diabetes care have in common?

    They’re both about teamwork.

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  • Sitting can kill

    Sitting can kill

    Move to improve, say researchers.

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  • Gain weight and live longer?

    Gain weight and live longer?

    Not so fast, say experts.

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  • The diabetes-brest cancer link

    The diabetes-breast cancer link

    Canadian Diabetes Association–funded research adds to evidence.

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  • Heart smart

    Heart smart

    Heart Institute pilots successful diabetes program.

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  • Paxil protection?

    Paxil protection?

    Antidepressant could treat diabetes complication.

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  • Learning to laugh at diabetes

    Learning to laugh at diabetes

    Diabetes educator Mrs. Pudding delivers a mix of humour and empowering messages for people living with diabetes.

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Research Brief

  • Spreading the good word

    Spreading the good word

    Dr. Catherine Yu seeks to empower patients and practitioners through diabetes education.

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  • It takes a team

    It takes a team

    Working with a variety of health-care professionals can improve your diabetes care and your quality of life.

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  • Family matters

    Family matters

    Former NHLer Doug Gilmour and his team, the Kingston Frontenacs, honour his late father, Don, by starting a charitable organization to raise funds and awareness about diabetes.

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  • What's your pregnancy plan?

    What's your pregnancy plan?

    Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the key to a healthy pregnancy is planning.

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  • Meet our supporters

    Meet our supporters

    The Cleghorns support their grandson and D-Camps.

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  • Putting the TEAM in Team Diabetes

    Putting the "team" in Team Diabetes

    Bibianna King runs for her husband, cousins, aunts, and uncle, all of whom live with diabetes, as well as for future generations in her community of La Loche, Sask.

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  • The perks of pulses

    The perks of pulses

    Unsung heroes, dried beans and peas have blood cholesterol benefits, and can help with weight management and heart health, too!

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On the Shelf

  • Pasta Perfection

    Pasta Perfection

    By making some healthy choices, you can enjoy pasta any night of the week.

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Fit Tip

  • Spring into action

    Spring into action

    Get on track this season with these fitness tips.

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Know Your Rights

  • Eternal optimist

    Eternal optimist

    With his positive can do attitude, Rob Beck is determined to make life better for people with diabetes.

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