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  • Diabetes Current February 2015

    February may be short, but this month's newsletter is bigger than ever! Don't miss our examination of diabetes care in hospitals, the shocking reality of diabetes eating disorders, and an in-depth profile of Banting's days as a comic book hero.

    Hospital Care
  • Diabetes Current January 2015

    Ring in 2015 with a fascinating diabetes op-ed written by our very own chief science officer, Dr. Jan Hux. When you're done, get the scoop on a tasty Hummus recipe while boning up on Banting trivia and our latest Clothesline contest!

  • Diabetes Current December 2014

    Chill out with Diabetes Current this December, as we offer the top tips for winter running and a how-to guide to prepping easy peasey breakfasts.

    Healthy breakfast
  • Diabetes Current November 2014

    This month learn some easy tips for scheduling exercise into your daily routine, then prepare to be shocked by salt, when you discover the truth behind some surprisingly sodium-loaded everyday foods.

  • Diabetes Current October 2014

    This month, visit to take the test, raise $1 for diabetes research and be entered to win a $5,000 financial portfolio. When you're done, check our Halloween tips for children with diabetes, and try our delicious new recipe!

    Diabetes Current October 2014
  • Diabetes Current September 2014

    This month, get the latest tips for eating healthy on Thanksgiving and learn more about our new Kids at School guidelines. While you're at it, treat your taste buds to our recipe of the month, Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad.

    Diabetes Current September 2014
  • Diabetes Current August 2014

    Win a dream vacation by participating in Clothesline’s 'Your imagination is your destination' campaign, learn the essentials on drinking safely with diabetes, and try a delicious, protein-rich Mahi-Mahi recipe!

    Diabetes Current August 2014
  • Diabetes Current July 2014

    Heats things up with our seven most common exercise questions, a look at our ongoing external artificial pancreas research, and a must-try crispy salad recipe.

    Diabetes Current July 2014
  • Diabetes Current June 2014

    From potentially priceless paintings to life-changing research, June's Diabetes Current is full of fascinating stories you won’t want to miss. When you’re done reading, try our mouth-watering Bunless Bison Burger for a perfect summer snack.

    Scientists studying diabetes
  • Diabetes Current May 2014

    From labs to store shelves, this month’s Diabetes Current looks at the lengthy process involved with approving diabetes medications in Canada, as well one researcher’s attempts to better understand the latest batch of type 2 diabetes medication.

    Assortment of prescription medication

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