January 31, 2018

Diabetes Canada welcomed recent news from New Brunswick Finance Minister Cathy Rogers that a renewed diabetes strategy would be part of the province’s budget commitment.

“We’re pleased the government will continue to invest in the care and support of those currently living with diabetes, especially in New Brunswick where the rate of diabetes is historically high,” says Jake Reid, senior leader of government relations for Diabetes Canada. “Part of our work with the government will be to continue to inform and encourage evidence-based practices that will also address the urgent need for diabetes prevention and management initiatives that will strengthen the health of our communities with targeted and measurable outcomes.”

New Brunswick’s Live Well! Bien Vivre! program (a partnership with Diabetes Canada and the Government of New Brunswick) is one example of a unique community-based program dedicated to positive health outcomes and chronic disease prevention.

“While the provincial Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy has been a good action plan for the province there is still much work to be done in the area of diabetes management,” says Reid. “People living with diabetes need to have appropriate access to self-management supports such as access to health-care providers, diabetes medications, and supplies.”             

Diabetes Canada looks forward to meeting with the health minister in the coming weeks to discuss plans for the renewed diabetes strategy in more detail.

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