Professional Section National Executive

The Professional Section National Executive represents the CDA and leads, advocates for and supports excellence in diabetes education for health-care professionals and people living with diabetes.

As a member of the Executive you will:

  • Be involved in strategic planning;
  • Address issues that impact the membership and diabetes education across Canada; and,
  • Be a source of expertise on diabetes education for CDA and other organizations.

Delegates for the NAGM

The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) requires members to nominate fellow members who would then go through an election process. Five delegate members will attend the NAGM or Special General Meeting (SGM) and vote on issues of the organization.

During the election process, the membership will choose which of the nominees should represent the Professional Section for one year at the NAGM or SGM.

2016 Nominations Committee

Lori Berard RN CDE (Chair)
Shelley Jones RN BscN CDE
Susan Harris RD BASc CDE
Amrit Malkin MSc RD CDE
Molly Ryder BSc Hon F/N RD CDE

Role Description
NAGM Delegate Application Form

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