Many Professional Section volunteers donate their time and expertise to assist in completing their activities and projects which are essential to people affected by diabetes in Canada.

We try to recognize the tremendous contribution of our volunteers, but we do realize that we are not informed about the work of every volunteer. A heartfelt thank-you to all volunteers for their generosity.

Professional Section chapters offer members the opportunity for networking, continuing education and volunteerism. Thanks to all Chapter Chairs for their time, energy and leadership in maintaining the vital chapter network across Canada.

Yukon Territory
Co-Chairs: Sharlene Clarke RD CDE
Liz Walker RD

British Columbia
Northeast BC
Chair: Louise LeFebvre RD

Northwest BC
Co-Chairs: Shelley Irvine RN
Wendy Marion-Orienti RD BSc HEc

Thompson Okanagan
Co-Chair: Lisa Thompson RN, BScN
Dayna Saari RD MSc

Vancouver Island
Chair: Susanne Bourgh RN CDE

Vancouver Lower Mainland
Co-Chairs: Sharleen Herrmann RN BSN CDE
Amrit Malkin RD CDE

Alberta BC Peace River
Chair: Carrie Mizera

Chair: Shemina Karmali RN BA MBA MSN LNC

Chair: Gloria Johnston RD

Central Alberta
Chair: Lorelei Domaschuk RN CDE

Northern Saskatchewan
Chair: Melissa Lowenberger RD CDE

South Saskatchewan
Chair: Michelle Archer RD

Chair: Betty Lam RN, BN,MSA,CDE

Chair: Sarah Kolley RD CDE

Bay of Quinte
Chair: Cathy Penlington RN

Durham Region
Co-Chairs: Christine McCleary RD CDE
Christina Vaillancourt MHSc RD CDE

Essex Kent
Chairs: Sandra Dennison RN BScN CDE
Leanne Paquette RN CDE

Grand River
Chair: Diana Sherifali RN PhD CDE

Grey Bruce
Chair: Louise Armstrong RN CDE

Huron Perth
Chair: Sheila Jackson-Elder RN BScN CDE

Hamilton Niagara
Co-Chairs: Melody Malkiewich RD CDE
Lisa Maks RN MN CDE

Co-Chair: Susie Jin RPh CDE
Aruna Peri MS RD CDE

London & District
Chair: Amanda Mikalachki RN BScN CDE

Chair: Kimberly Twyman RN BScN CDE

St. Lawrence
Co-Chairs: Wendy Kelen RN
Rita Fairweather RN CDE

Chair: Gail MacNeill RN BNSc Med CDE

Toronto West
Co-Chair: Lorraine Anderson RD CDE
Winnie Christopher MSc MPhil RD CDE

Mavis Verronneau Montreal
Chair: Laura Carfaganini RD CDE MPH

New Brunswick
Southwestern NB
Chair: Stephanie Henry RN MN NP CDE

River Valley New Brunswick
Co-Chairs: Molly Ryder RD CDE
Michelle Corcoran RD CDE

South Eastern New Brunswick
Chair: Carol Nicholson RN BN CDE

Nova Scotia
Central Nova Scotia
Co-Chairs: Cynthia Keith MAHN PDT CDE
Irene Higgins-Bowers PDt CDE

Western Region Nova Scotia
Chair: Janice Knapp BN RN CDE

Newfoundland & Labrador
Newfoundland Eastern
Chair: Gloria Greeley RN CDE

Newfoundland Western
Co-Chairs: Natalie Hughes RD
Danette Rose RN

Central Newfoundland
Chair: Mary Cheeseman RD CDE

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