School days are an important part of a child’s life.

During this time, parents and/or guardians expect children to experience these school days in a safe and supportive environment. However, for many children living with diabetes, there may not be a lot of diabetes awareness and understanding in the school.

To maintain long-term good health, individuals living with diabetes must balance medication, including insulin, food and activity every day. With support from school personnel, most students can manage their diabetes independently while in school. However, some students are unable to perform daily diabetes management tasks and may require someone to assist with or to administer insulin, monitor blood sugar, or supervise food intake and activity.

It is a hardship for many parents or guardians to be present at their child’s school or school-related activities to assist their children with daily diabetes management tasks. The Canadian Diabetes Association has updated Guidelines for the Care of Students Living with Diabetes at School and a position statement to address why it is important for government and schools to support students and take note of this important issue.

“I’ve heard stories of kids with diabetes who haven’t had support from their school. It makes me sad that not everyone has had the wonderful experience I’ve had.”

Paige Orser,
Regina, Saskatchewan


“Diabetes changes your school life, but once my teachers knew what to do, school continued for me as it would have for any kid.”

Sarah Struthers
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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