The goal of the D-Tour program is to recognize that you’re going to face new challenges as you make the transition into adulthood.

Whether you’re heading off to university or college in the next few years, taking on your first job or planning a summer road trip with friends, let’s face it, type 1 diabetes is tagging along with you.

Regardless of how long it’s been since you were first diagnosed, you’ve spent lots of time with doctors and other members of the medical community learning all the best ways to keep your numbers in check.  These professionals are an important and invaluable part of living a healthy life with diabetes – but sometimes it helps to be with others who really get what living with diabetes is like.

At a D-Tour, you’re going to be hanging out with other young adults who litterally understand the highs and lows of living with diabetes. Ever wonder where to put a pump on a prom dress? Worried about how to explain diabetes to a new roommate? We also know that the 3Ds: drinking, dating and driving can all be made a bit more complicated when you throw diabetes into the mix.

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