Team Diabetes 15th Anniversary Stories

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and this year we’re proudly celebrating an important milestone: the 15th anniversary of Team Diabetes (Team D).

Team D started in 2000 when Diabetes Canada began recruiting community ambassadors and leaders as part of a new exercise-based fundraising program. Ever since, Team D participants have walked and run to help raise funds for life-changing Diabetes Canada research, programs and services.

Driven by early campaigns which challenged runners to fundraise and journey “Around the World on Foot,” Team D participants have traveled to exotic locations, including Reykjavik, Dublin and Rome, generating diabetes awareness and millions of dollars in the process. In total, these campaigns have raised over $36 million in essential funds, and attracted more than 11,000 participants and 14,000 donors to join the fight against diabetes.

Donna Dowsett, national director of Team Diabetes and Events, says Team D plays a critical role in Diabetes Canada’s mission to help the millions of Canadians living with diabetes.

“Team Diabetes is a terrific behavior-modification program and a cornerstone of Diabetes Canada’s fundraising strategy. It compels participants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, take on the role of global ambassador for Diabetes Canada, and become an active participant in fundraising that truly makes a difference for people living with diabetes.” 

To celebrate Team D’s 15 exceptional years and the many more yet to come, this Diabetes Awareness Month Diabetes Canada will be highlighting a few of our many Team D all-stars. Tune-in via social media each Thursday in November to learn the stories and motivations driving some of Team D’s dedicated members.

Name: Michelle Simonin

Hometown: Calgary, AB

“One small step: Team Diabetes’ inaugural participant”

Name: Petronella “Nel” Peach

Hometown: Salmon Arm, BC

“Lucky number 13: Team Diabetes Alumni calls it a career”

Name: Harry Flint

Hometown: Calgary, AB

“29 Team Diabetes events: A first-ballot Hall of Famer”

Name: Jeremy Houden

Hometown: Airdrie, AB

“O' Canada: Team Diabetes coast-to-coast”

Name: Flo Pittman

Hometown: St. John's, NL

“Staying young at heart with Team Diabetes”

Name: Buzz Bishop

Hometown: Calgary, AB

“Team Diabetes: Media Champion!”

Name: Katherine Lowings

Hometown: Charlottetown, PE

“Team Diabetes: Advocacy in action!”

Name: John Farrell

Hometown: Nepean, ON

“Like father, like son: Team Diabetes all-stars”

Name: Mark Kerwin

Hometown: East Toronto, ON

“Team Diabetes global health and wellness champion”

Name: Jeffrey Bouvier

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

“Team Diabetes newcomer inspired by family and community”

Name: Bonnie Woloschuk

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

“Heart and soul: 17 Team Diabetes events and counting!”

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