With more than nine million Canadians living with diabetes, chances are it affects you or someone you love. You can make a difference by helping the Canadian Diabetes Association improve the lives of people living with diabetes and find a cure.

There are many fun and easy ways you can get involved and fundraise in your community.

My Diabetes Fundraiser

My Diabetes Fundraiser

Create and host your own diabetes fundraiser.

Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes

Get active with Team Diabetes and run, walk or hike in exciting international and Canadian events.

Faces of the Diabetes Charter for Canada

Diabetes Charter for Canada

Create a fundraising page for the Diabetes Charter for Canada and support a vision where all people with diabetes live to their full potential.

Lace Up with Team Diabetes

Lace Up

Participation in these family-friendly events is a great way for Canadians of all ages to become or stay active.