In accordance with our continued green strategies and environmental responsibility, the Clothesline program is proud to announce its partnership with Greentec International Inc. ("Greentec”), and its Think Recycle™ program.

A fully integrated e-waste facilitator, Greentec is the exclusive Clothesline partner for all electronic recycling. All items donated to the Clothesline program are responsibly processed through their state of the art facilities in Cambridge, ON.

The Think Recycle™ Program

Think Recycle™ and Diabetes Canada have teamed up to provide Canadians with a FREE and convenient way to recycle their unwanted electronics.

Think Recycle™ is a cost-free fundraising program that rewards members with money and environmental incentives for the collection of unwanted electronics. By recycling electronic waste, Think Recycle™ and its members divert millions of pounds of harmful and sometimes toxic e-waste from entering land-fill sites. Instead, materials are being refurbished and reused so they can be utilized for the production of new electronics and goods. Think Recycle™ is a division of Greentec of which is certified ISO 14001 following a strict zero landfill policy – nothing you send in will ever end up in a landfill.

Get involved

You can become involved in the Think Recycle™ Program by:

  • Placing your electronics in a communal collection bin
  • Becoming a Program Partner
  • Setting up your own collection and having funds directed towards Diabetes Canada