Effective government policies are often a result of thoughtful ideas. Across the country, there are people with many ideas about how to support Canadians living with diabetes. These need to be shared and acted upon.

The Canadian Diabetes Association works diligently to engage volunteer advocates at the grassroots level as well as build partnerships with the diabetes communities we serve in order to achieve advocacy success. Effective coordination and communication are essential to those relationships.

Advocacy campaigns

Targeted political campaigns is one of the tools on which the CDA relies on for influencing diabetes decision making in Canada. These campaigns mobilize our volunteer advocates from across the country to meet with their federal and provincial Members of Parliament, write letters, sign petitions, participate in surveys and engage in many other supportive activities.

The CDA has had great success with many campaign initiatives. To see if there is an active campaign, click on the links below.

To get involved as an advocate, please email advocacy@diabetes.ca.