As you build physical activity and exercise counselling into your care plans for your patients, refer them to this video series to help them with physical activity on their own time.

Information presented in these videos is intended for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for individual medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.

Diabetes Canada recommends you to consult your physician or diabetes care provider before beginning this or any new fitness program. Your physician or diabetes care provider may offer specific guidance based on such factors as overall health, type of diabetes and glucose levels. If you experience pain or significant discomfort with any of the exercises, stop exercising. Seek prompt medical attention for any specific health issues that may arise. Please read this entire disclaimer before beginning any of the exercises in these videos.


Reliance on the information presented in these videos is at your own risk. Diabetes Canada, the creators, producers, performers, participants and distributors of this video disclaim all warranties, express or implied, and are not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise out of use of these videos, from the performance of the exercises demonstrated or the information contained therein, including but not limited to any injuries incurred while using the videos.

Introduction to resistance exercise

Resistance band workout

Dumbbell workout

Additional core exercises

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