Foot Care Tool Kit

Diabetes Canada has partnered with the Canadian Association of Wound Care for this theme to provide you and your patients with a number of helpful foot care resources. The Foot Care Tool Kit focuses on helping your patients to understand preventative self-care and on providing you with the tools for foot examination, treatment and referrals.

Resources for health-care professionals

Awareness: For display in your office or health centre, or the facilities of your community partners, the tool kit contains three posters to help raise awareness of patients’ risk for diabetes-related foot problems, warning signs, and important steps to take to protect their feet.

Screening/treatment: The brochure and screening tool provide an overview of diabetes foot exams, including warning signs and corresponding treatment-at-a-glance.

Resources for patients

Our patient materials will help people with diabetes to care for their feet at home, understand what should happen at diabetes foot examinations and find and fit the right shoes for them.

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