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Here you will find guideline-based point-of-care tools for you to use in practice, and information for your professional development and learning. Quickly access fully searchable guidelines, plus interactive tools, case studies, slidesvideos and a full suite of resources for people with diabetes, or find tools according to the list below.

Managing diabetes is more than controlling blood glucose levels. Reducing the risk of complications requires screening and using the right medication therapy for blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol to protect the body from eye, feet, kidney, and cardiovascular complications.

Keeping people with diabetes safe from the effects of medication and illness encompasses the safe use of medications to avoid hypoglycemia, DKA and hypotension, individualized targets and treatment to control blood glucose and blood pressure, and education on safe driving with diabetes and planning for sick days.

Supporting patients in setting goals for starting and staying on track with healthy living behaviours requires effective communication techniques and individualized plans for healthy eating, physical activity, medication adherence, etc. as well as identifying barriers to achieving goals and providing guidance and assistance with solutions to those barriers.

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