Every year, Diabetes Canada counts on over 100 dedicated volunteers to help make our Diabetes Canada/Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism Conference a success. Volunteers are the face of our Conference, ensuring a friendly and efficient event for the more than 1,000 health-care providers who attend.


Volunteers fill many roles, including assisting with registration, staffing conference rooms, answering questions and supporting staff. It is an interesting and educational role and an opportunity to network and learn. This role is ideally suited to those pursuing or interested in pursuing a career in health-care or for those who have a special interest in diabetes.


Scheduling volunteers for the Diabetes Canada/ Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism Conference requires a tremendous amount of planning and cooperation. Diabetes Canada appreciates your willingness to help make this year’s conference a huge success! Volunteers are expected to honour their shifts and arrive on time in order to ensure everything runs as scheduled. It is very beneficial to you to become knowledgeable on various aspects of the conference such as event locations, layout of the venue, general conference information, and program details. Training will be provided to help with this.


There will be a volunteer room on site where snacks and meals will be available.


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