These policies have been adopted by the Canadian Diabetes Association to clearly communicate organizational standards and values for the benefit of all employees and the CDA.

The CDA is committed to the consistent and fair application of these policies to promote a good working environment and reduce risk to the CDA and our employees. 

The policies govern with respect to paid employees, unless there is a conflict with any federal, provincial or municipal act, regulation or by-law or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; in which case, the appropriate government legislation will have precedence. The CDA maintains current information of federal and provincial statutes and regulations and group insurance information, as referred to in the policies.

As an employee, being familiar with these policies will help you to understand what is expected from you – and what you can expect in return.  You will find these policies useful to:

  • Save time in finding out how issues should be handled;
  • Provide an answer, before there is a problem;
  • Foster good working relationships by ensuring consistency and fairness; and,
  • Familiarize all employees with our values and procedures.


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